Mahalaya. Melancholia.

Homesickness happens when the sun rises with the baritone and the morning gets slightly chilly. While the world fasts you smell egg rolls in sleep and the dhaak beats inside your head. You buy new clothes all year round but you buy your best clothes now and be the only person dressed to the nines inviting […]

Losing my heart to Budapest

After the grandeur of Austria and Switzerland, the first view of Budapest jars the eye. Gone were the stately Greek statues, the symmetrical streets, the sense of perfection, the veneer of wealth. It was replaced with crumble, chaos, a slight hint of litter and a lot of very drunk people. But, don’t sneer at this […]

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness is visceral. Like Vishal Bharadwaj did with Shakespeare, Faiz and AFSPA, Arundhati Roy does with Neruda, Jean Genet and India. Stark reality presented in the garb of fiction, the book clamors so loud that you have to sit up and pay attention. And once you turn the last page, there is […]

New Year. New Rant.

2017 didn’t exactly start on a great note now, did it? MG Road, Brigade Road and Church Street are familiar haunts. My feet know these streets, the ins and outs, which nondescript shop will give you the best deals on earrings, which momo-wala serves the best ones, the shortcuts, the hidden gems. Just like Munirka used […]

We did start the fire

We seem to be a country of pyromaniacs. From burning tyres on September 9 to burning buses on September 12, the rioter has come a long way in a very short time. Look how happy they are! Across the border too, things were heating up in Chennai. The blazing serve and volley continued through September […]

Colours of the mountain

The hills gleamed emerald in the early morning sun, a brief interlude before the mist claimed them once again. The fleeting light captured the colour in all its many shades – the bright, almost yellow, of the shrubs at the base to the stately dark of the trees near the top.   Rain clouds hovered anxiously, waiting […]

How TrulyMadly do you Tinder

This post first appeared here Online dating has finally come out of the closet and into our phone screens, and developers are raking in the moolah. Since 2013, when Tinder first made its appearance on Indian phone screens, India has become its top market in Asia. Desi spin-offs such as TrulyMadly claim to have over […]