Do you remember that sequence from FRIENDS, when Chandler found himself watching a one-woman play which started with a woman striding on stage and yelling “Why don’t you like me?” Aaaand cut scene, play laughter track. Hannah Gadsby essentially asked that question too, but instead of a gag reel, she provided an answer. Because you […]

Glee & Nostalgia: Why I watch the Fifa World Cup

First published in Sportskeeda Arms reaching up and holding the trophy aloft. The World Cup trophy, designed by Italian goldsmith Silvio Gazzaniga, is a perfect symbol of the only true world sport and its greatest tournament. No matter the total number of countries qualifying for the finals, the world takes a break for Copa del Mundo. For all […]


it is not easy to ask for comfort. when my body and mind awash in a tidal wave of emotions try to stay afloat. when pain, joy, sadness despair, desperation crash one after another without respite, reason or rhyme. like water, this too erodes and i can feel myself crumble bit by bit. almost split […]

Growing up with Joan

Age 13-15: “Now you’re smiling out the window of that crummy hotel over Washington Square” ‘Twas an exciting evening at the Roy’s, we had a new Philips CD player. Along with it came two shiny CDs of remastered American folk, with a hardbound book of lyrics. While the Dad and his friends waxed eloquent about […]

Mahalaya. Melancholia.

Homesickness happens when the sun rises with the baritone and the morning gets slightly chilly. While the world fasts you smell egg rolls in sleep and the dhaak beats inside your head. You buy new clothes all year round but you buy your best clothes now and be the only person dressed to the nines inviting […]

Losing my heart to Budapest

After the grandeur of Austria and Switzerland, the first view of Budapest jars the eye. Gone were the stately Greek statues, the symmetrical streets, the sense of perfection, the veneer of wealth. It was replaced with crumble, chaos, a slight hint of litter and a lot of very drunk people. But, don’t sneer at this […]

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness is visceral. Like Vishal Bharadwaj did with Shakespeare, Faiz and AFSPA, Arundhati Roy does with Neruda, Jean Genet and India. Stark reality presented in the garb of fiction, the book clamors so loud that you have to sit up and pay attention. And once you turn the last page, there is […]